Harmonious Duet of Kazakh Dombra and the Modern Musical Styles

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Dombra is the most well-known kazakh music instrument. According to archeologists’ researches, first dombras appeared about 2000 years ago. Despite this fact, this instrument still popular nowadays. Kazakh musical bands and singers use dombras making covers of famous worldwide top songs and composing their own music.

Let us tell you a little bit about this ancient but unforgotten instrument – dombra.

Usually the body of dombra is made of maple, oak or pine. It has only two catguts. However, dombra is able to convey various moods and make you imagine Kazakhstan landscapes. They say, that the soul of Kazakh people live in the melodies of dombra.

Kazakhstan performers make good use of dombras. On YouTube  “Made in KZ” channel musicians share their covers and own works.

Talented Kazakhstan singer Dimash Kudaibergen, internationally recognized these days, demonstrated a virtual dombra playing at one of his concerts.

Kazakhstan duet “Bastau” won in the nomination among instrumentalists in the Hollywood show of the World championships, which was held in Los Angeles.

Furthermore in Kazakhstan there are a great variety of ethnic groups, who play various musical instruments and dombra is not an exception. A fairly famous group “Ulytau” demonstrated their brilliant skills.

This national instruments, electric guitar and drums are incompatible? Look and listen to Kazakh folk rock band “Tigrahaud”. This band plays both kyuis (traditional musical composition) and rock!

People in Kazakhstan love and value traditions which includes music as well. Our modern performers do not forget about such instrument as dombra and it blends seamlessly with other musical instruments and even rock music!

We hope you enjoyed reading our post and listening to our playlist. Please, write in the comments about ethnic musical instruments of your country. Or maybe you play one? Feel free to leave the links to YouTube videos with ethnic music and instrument of your culture!

Posted by Tania and Lisa

6 thoughts on “Harmonious Duet of Kazakh Dombra and the Modern Musical Styles

  1. Hi, Tania and Lisa!

    My name is Mrs. Wohlafka, and I am a commenter for Student Blogging Challenge.

    Thank you for your description of the dombra! My daughter played in the American Balalaika Symphony, and I was fortunate to get to hear dombras at several of her concerts. It’s a beautiful-sounding instrument!

    In the United States of America, the banjo is a musical instrument of our culture.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Mrs. Wohlafka,

      It’s so wonderful that you heard the live sound of dombra. I feel so proud because you also know about our musical instrument.

      There are other instruments in Kazakh culture, but we decided to write about the most famous and popular one. I would also like to learn more about banjo. 🙂

      Thank you for interesting information!

      from Mrs. Matveyeva’s Class


      1. A little about the banjo, from https://bittersoutherner.com/history-of-the-banjo/

        “1) The handmade gourd instruments that would become the modern bajo originated in West Africa.

        2) Enslaved Africans carried the ‘banjar’ and its music to North America by way of the Caribbean.

        3) Traditional string music (and the banjo itself) was appropriated from slave culture and was spread into the greater American popular culture through minstrel shows and blackface performers.

        4) The banjo was popularized throughout the United States and Europe by white performers with various regional playing styles emerging and evolving simultaneously.”


  2. Hello from the U.S.A!

    I thought this was a great and well-detailed blog! This feels like a real website or informational blog from an actual government-organized website. The banjo is a musical instrument in our country. I never thought I’d see a class from Kazakhstan, but it was a great blog!!! Keep up the good work!


    My Link: http://grantesis21.edublogs.org/


    1. Hello Grant,

      Thanks a lot for your comment! We really appreciate it. We want people to know more about our country.
      I have heard banjo and I liked it!

      Have a nice day!
      from Mrs. Matveyeva’s Class.


    2. Hello Grant,

      Saying “a real website or informational blog from an actual government-organized website” was not a complement, was it?

      We are new at blogging, and I am not quite sure how a real class blog should look like, because here in Kazakhstn we don’t have such things. We are the first class blog on the whole territory of Kazakhstna. We are learning. I am learning, in fact. All other blogs I saw, either in Russian or in Kazakh, do look like ours))) And now I realize I don’t quite understan what a class blog should look like 😦

      Are there special requirement a good class blog should meet?

      Looking forward to your answer,
      Mrs. Matveyeva


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